The Journey to 26.2 Miles by Hansen Hunt

Lessons from a first-time marathoner When I set out to run a marathon, my motivation was to prove something. To myself, to everyone around me. Through a lot of personal growth over the past five months, I’ve stopped feeling the need to prove something. However, I knew that I still wanted to run, I just […]

2018 Cardiff Kook Run

2018 Cardiff Kook Run The SDTC Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Training Program along with many of our SDTC family had a great time at the Cardiff Kook Run in Encinitas this past weekend. Runners lined up on a beautifully sunny Super Bowl Sunday under the iconic Encinitas sign. The 10k race runs south along Highway 101, […]

Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon Race Review

Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon Race Review By: Leslie Sanchez If you are a BQ hopeful, the Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon may be the race for you.   I had Boston Qualified at the California International Marathon in December, with a little over a 2 minute margin of my qualifying time.  Running the Boston Marathon is […]

Twenty Years and Making a Difference

Twenty Years and Making a Difference By: Bill Aaron Twenty years. Who knew way back in 1998 that we would be celebrating twenty Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Training Programs. That’s twenty 10K’s, twenty, 2-hour pace runs, twenty train runs. More than 9,000 runners have come through the gates of Balboa Stadium and onto the streets of San […]

Boston Training Group

SDTC Boston Training Group By: Ellen K. Fleischman Boston Marathontraining with Coach Dave Hutchinson (“Hutch’) was the most awesome experience!  We started training in November for the April marathon.  Hutch gave us a calendar, usually a month at a time so we wouldn’t look ahead and freak out.  He also sent weekly e mails with […]


HOW TO SCREW UP A MARATHON “My Story” By: Paul Baumhoefner, (Former) SDTC Equipment Guy Originally Published: San Diego Running, Spring 2000 First of all, over train, make this decision early, like in January so your legs are really tired when you get to the long runs in April. Oh, and don’t take that day […]

Fitness Tip: Long Run Nutrition

Toya’s Tips! NUTRITION ON THE LONG RUN The following are guidelines on taking nutrition on your long runs.  As you will see below I prefer the method of using gels pre-mixed in water. This is prepared prior to leaving the house so all you have to do sip at specified times during the run. This […]

Fitness Tip: Foam Roll & Inchworm

Toya’s Tips! FOAM ROLLING THE SHIN AREA (To avoid getting shin splints and relieve tightness in the front of your leg) Kneel and place the roller under both shins while supporting your upper body with your hands. Roll down to your ankles and back to the knees. Be careful not to roll over the knee  joint. […]

Tempo Run Heart Rate Zones

Tempo Run Workouts: Target Heart Rate Zones Tempo Runs are excellent for developing stamina, confidence and sense of pace. What’s the physiological “secret” behind this type of training? It raises your lactate threshold velocity, the running speed above which fatigue sets in quickly. As your lactate threshold threshold velocity increases you’ll run at faster speeds without […]

Fitness Tip: Dynamic Stretching

Toya’s Tips! DYNAMIC STRETCHING DYNAMIC WARM-UP DRILLS Are you sitting at a computer all day? Are you driving to and from work and workouts? That is a lot of sitting in the day. As a result we need to get the body back to neutral posture before exercising (Opening the hips)! A dynamic warm-up is […]