2018 Cardiff Kook Run

2018 Cardiff Kook Run

The SDTC Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Training Program along with many of our SDTC family had a great time at the Cardiff Kook Run in Encinitas this past weekend. Runners lined up on a beautifully sunny Super Bowl Sunday under the iconic Encinitas sign. The 10k race runs south along Highway 101, past the Cardiff Kook statue, and turns around at Cardiff State Beach.

See below for race results from some of our top age group runners!



Bostonian Kooks

By: Coach Dave Hutchinson

The Boston Marathon Training runners joined the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Nation in Encinitas on Sunday, February 4th to test their racing legs for the first time this season at the Cardiff Kook 10k. This was the beginning of Week #13 for those going to Boston and this important race established their all-important training paces for the next 5 weeks.

Coming off a 60 mile week, some questioned whether they had any racing legs left but it didn’t take long to experience the benefits of their training to date. Cheered on by the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ runners coming at them on the out-and-back course, the uphill at mile 4 was made a lot easier and the cheers coming at them from the SDTC tent village brought them home.

Out of 53 total Bostonians, 40 of them toed the line and the results said it all. Of those 40, half of them finished with a podium position! The men were led by Aaron Truesdale and the women by Meriah Earle, both with a sub 36:00 finish time. In the Men’s division, 5 of the top 19 places were Bostonians and in the Women’s division, 10 of the top 18 positions were captured.

There were also too many PR’s to count, some by large margins. A victory brunch at Union Kitchen & Tap was then the perfect way to wrap up a significant stage of the Boston training!

SDTC Age Group & Overall Winners

Congratulate these speedy folks next time you see them!!!

Full Race Results


Name / Age Group Place (Open 10k Unless Noted) Time
Casey Beifuss 2nd AG 1:03:30
Courtney Langer 2nd AG 0:40:34
Alex Samarin 1st AG & 3rd OA Open 10k 0:33:33
Aaron Truesdale 2nd AG & 8th OA Open 10k 0:35:57
Stefanie Flynn 2nd AG 0:39:35
Meriah Earle 5th OA Female Elite 10k 0:35:11
Andrea Bayer 1st AG 0:39:24
Lisa Ryan 2nd AG 0:40:12
Victoria Barana 3rd AG 0:40:34
Edgar Diaz 2nd AG 0:38:13
Melissa Vasel 2nd AG 0:44:02
Valerie Miller 1st AG & 6th OA Female Open 10k 0:38:57
Curtis McLaurin 3rd AG 0:40:12
Becky Lewis 2nd AG 0:43:21
Patrick Lanoiselee 2nd AG 0:38:57
Roger Sunahara 3rd AG 0:40:50
Maureen Friend 2nd AG 0:43:25
Catherine Moore 3rd AG 0:48:28
Kevin Valles 2nd AG 0:43:24
Annie Herrin 2nd AG 0:47:50
Michelle Castaneda 2nd AG 5k 0:25:10
Tina Breen 1st AG 0:52:21
Rick Bushore 1st AG 0:44:49
Greg Aarons 2nd AG 0:45:49
Mark Frommer 3rd 0:47:53
Peter Stern 1st AG 0:53:00

If your name should be on this list and isn’t, don’t panic! It was an honest mistake. Email us and we will add you.