Tempo Run Heart Rate Zones

Tempo Run Workouts: Target Heart Rate Zones

Tempo Runs are excellent for developing stamina, confidence and sense of pace. What’s the physiological “secret” behind this type of training? It raises your lactate threshold velocity, the running speed above which fatigue sets in quickly. As your lactate threshold threshold velocity increases you’ll run at faster speeds without getting tired.


Tempo runs are an excellent “bridge” to racing; they require you to run hard for relatively long periods. You will be expected to know your lactate threshold heart rate pace so you will be asked to measure your intensity by taking your pulse during these workouts. You will be instructed throughout each workout to take your pulse for 6 seconds and multiply that number by 10.

To determine your lactate threshold heart rate pace, Coach Paul asks that you visit the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Training Program website and under the link Calculators, press the Heart Rate Training Zones link. Once you arrive at that link simply type in your resting heart rate and age. Scroll down to Threshold Pace (min) and Threshold Pace (max) and the heart rates that you need to aim between will be available for viewing.