“A Road Shared is Success in Running”

Welcome to the information page for registered participants in the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Half & Full Marathon Training Programs.


Weekly Information

Date/Time: April 21st @ 6:30 am
Location: Hospitality Point Map
Weekly Newsletter: Week 16
— As soon as you complete your run, (for a job well done) our “Welcome Back Committee” Steve Scott and Annie Herrin will be handing out Otter Pops while Peter Stern will be providing his legendary Finish Line Tape as a RnR program tradition!
— Remember to thank the RnR volunteers during your run!!



Program Schedules & Training Groups

Pace Groups

A Group (7 min / mile and faster) = Aerosmith
B Group (7:30 to 9:00 min / mile) = Kool & the Gang
C Group (9:30 min / mile and slower) = Oasis


Training Schedules
Seminar Schedule
Weekly Running Groups

Next Level Training Program

Are you looking for your next Personal Best? Are you on the verge of obtaining a Boston Qualification?  Are you searching for more? More workouts, more personal attention, more ways to improve?  Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Email the coach: sdtcnextlevel@gmail.com

Read more about our new Next Level Training Program: Next Level Full & Half Training Program

Mentoring Program – Sign up for a mentor!

First time in the RnR Program? Want personalized attention? We have experienced marathoners that can help! Contact Steve Scott at sdkurri17@gmail.com for more information.

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Volunteering – Make a Difference!
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Saturday runs are a success thanks in part to our terrific volunteers and drop kings who supply and staff the water points for all runners.  They get up early, provide a great service for all of us, as well as cheer us on. Encourage friends and family to sign up, or give back on a weekend that you are not running!

Training Calculators and Charts
Recovery Run Paces – Use a recent 10k time to calculate your easy run pace.
Jack Daniels 800s – Given a recent 10k time, look up what you should be running your 800s in.
Heart Rate Training Zones – Given your age or a recent test, this calculator will give you an indicate of your target heart for various workouts.
Race time Prediction – Given a recent race performance, this will give you an indication of what you could do at another distance.
Other helpful links
Track Etiquette & Tips – Best practices for running on the track
Rehab United Stretches   – View video of our Saturday morning stretches
Rusty’s Running Injury Free YouTube Videos – View Videos of Rusty’s Dynamic and Static Stretching, Ice Massage and Ice Pack, Self Massage and Foam Roll, Anatomy and Biomechanics of Running
Marathon Nutrition: Mistakes to Avoid – By Kim Mueller, SDTC Nutritionist
Ingredients for the Long Run – By Kim Mueller, SDTC Nutritionist
Daily Nutrition & Fueling – Summary of seminar by Suzanne Smith


Name Position Email Phone
Paul Greer Director, Metro Coach pauliegreer@gmail.com 858-573-1500
Bill Aaron Asst Director; Metro Administrator billaaron@hotmail.com 619-209-1372
Matthew Deja Half Marathon & Next Level Training Coach sdtcnextlevel@gmail.com 989-565-0241
David Hutchinson Boston Marathon Coach rnrboston@gmail.com
Jason Polman Mountains 2 Beach Coach jason@jmpfitnessandperformance.com 760-672-0317
Ken Myers North County Tuesday Evening Coach kpmyers9904@icloud.com
Stephen Burch Metro Volunteer Coordinator sdtcvolunteer@gmail.com 619-997-8061
Michael Bayless Drop King Coordinator michaelcbayless@gmail.com 619-675-9080
Steve Scott Mentor Coordinator sdkurri17@gmail.com 619-980-1348
Tina Breen Safety Pacer Coordinator coachmstina@gmail.com 619-971-0897
Elaine Sanders Weekly Newsletter Coordinator communications@sandiegotrackclub.org 215-290-7170
Jessie McBride Membership & Website membership@sandiegotrackclub.org 303-775-2138

Meet the Coaches

We have a very talented coached staff at RnR. Get to know our RnR coaches and read their bios:

Meet the Coaches


Paul Greer – RnR Program Director
Bill Aaron – RnR Marathon Program Coach & Assistant Program Director
Dave Hutchinson – Boston Training Coach
Matthew Deja – Half Marathon Program & Next Level Training Coach
Jason Polman – Mountains 2 Beach Program Coach