Track Etiquette & Safety Tips

Pace Groups

A Group (7 min / mile and faster)
B Group (7:30 to 9:00 min / mile)
C Group (9:30 min / mile and slower)

Track Safety and Etiquette Tips:

  • Do make sure you look both ways before you cross over to the field upon arrival or departure. Listen carefully. If someone yells “Track!” it means a fast runner is approaching in Lane 1 or 2 and someone is blocking it.
  • Do warmups running clockwise; the workouts running counterclockwise.
  • Do leave your music and earphones at home.
  • Do pay attention to runners around you when you are starting and stopping.
  • DO NOT spit on the track or field. Please be respectful of others using the facilities.

Track Tips: Make Your Intervals Count!

  • Respect others’ paces. When we have large groups, such as during our marathon training season, the following designations exist:
    • Lanes 1-3 are reserved for the fastest runners. Never stand in these lanes.
    • Lanes 4-6 are for intermediate, or mid-pack, runners.
    • Lanes 7-9 are for beginner or back-of-the-pack runners.
  • Pass on the left and move right for your recover.
    • B Group Example: Run in lane 4-5 for your intervals and move over to lane 6 for recovery.
  • Run a consistent pace.
    • Consistency on running your interval times is most important so whatever your intervals are set to be attempted to run them at all the same split times.
  • Abide by the prescribed recovery between workouts that is set for each workout. Proper recover between intervals is very important.
  • Run at your own pace to make this the best workout for you!
    •  Our interval workouts are just one day of several days during the week of training so you should not feel
      overwhelmed at the end of your workout.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Propel your hands and arms forward instead of side to side.
    • Try not to cross arms across your body.
  • Relax your hands.
    • Hold your mid finger and thumb together. Practice holding a small pebble while running harder to prevent you from tightening up your hands.
  • Use your arms to pick up speed.
    • The quicker you propel your hands and arms forward the more your legs and body will move with that continues motion.

**REMEMBER! Your Safety is IMPORTANT!!**