Recovery Run Pace

Recovery Run Paces Based on 10K Time

The most important days in the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Full & Half Marathon Training Program schedule, other than our Saturday long run workouts, are the three easy recovery days per week scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Easy days are critical because they allow the body to recover from and adapt to the hard training done during the rest of the week. Without easy days or days off between the harder workouts, the training will break you down rather than make you stronger. Rest, or easy recovery days are the most overlooked part of many training programs.

Typically, runners are reluctant to rest enough between hard workouts because they worry about losing ground. If you aren’t sure how fast you should go on easy days provided below is the 10K chart suggesting what your easy recovery mile paces should be but keep in mind it’s fine if you are within +/- 20-40 seconds of that pace. Enter a recent 10k time (such as the Cardiff Kook 10K) to calculate long run pace: