SDTC Tuesday Night Workouts

Club members and visitors/guests converge to participate in structured interval workouts in a fun, supportive environment. We encourage you to try out a workout for FREE before joining SDTC.

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Tuesday, February 20:
Balboa Stadium @ 7:00pm or Torrey Pines HS @ 6:00pm
Balboa Stadium practice starting later due to the SDHS Girls Soccer team CIF playoff Championship game. Please stay off the track until instructed.
C: 2×15 min @ threshold pace w/  3 min rest
B: Same as C
A: 5×1000 @ 10K pace w/ 3min recovery

Tuesday, February 27:
Balboa Stadium @ 6:30pm or Torrey Pines HS @ 6:00pm
C: 2×20 min at threshold pace w/ 5 min easy between Intervals
B: Same as C
A: 4x1mile @ 10 sec/mile faster than marathon pace w/ 400 jog recovery

Tuesday, March 6:
Balboa Stadium @ 6:30pm or Torrey Pines HS @ 6:00pm
C: 3 x 12 min at threshold pace with 2 min easy between intervals
B: Same as C
A: 5 x 800 / 300s run an 800, jog a 200, run a 300 then start over

Tuesday, March 13:
Balboa Stadium @ 6:30pm or Torrey Pines HS @ 6:00pm
C: 3 mile Indian Run divided into lanes by similar pace groups
B: Same
A: Same

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October – June
From late fall until early June (when the end of the Rockin’ ‘n’ Runnin’ Training Program ends), we meet at the track for our workouts.

June – October
Our Metro SD workouts during the late-Spring/Summer months are at beautiful, historic Balboa Park. We meet on the grass near 6th avenue at Nutmeg Street. You can’t miss us. Just look for the big group of people with short shorts and running shoes on!


You are welcome as a guest to participate in our workouts.  Runners who participate regularly are encouraged to join SDTC:

Meet the Coaches

Coach Paul Greer
Coach Bill Aaron
Coach Matt Deja