North County Tuesday Night Workouts meet at Vista High School Track:
See the Facebook page at – SDTC North County
Visitors – You are welcome to participate in our club track workouts.

North County members meet at Vista High School with workouts starting at 6:00 p.m. (warmup starts at 5:30 p.m.) for track workouts. Please introduce yourself to the coach when you come.

San Diego residents who participate regularly are encouraged to join the San Diego Track Club for continued access to coaching and the facilities. Full membership is only $50.00 and provides race discounts and much more!

Track Etiquette

Some general rules for you to remember:

  • Do wear your shoe tag. School officials will be policing visitors, including those who use their facilities after hours.
  • Do allow time to park in a nearby lot and remember we will finish in the dark, so pick a safe place.
  • Do understand numerous groups use the field and track; don’t start warming up on the field or oval if another group is still using it. Wait your turn.
  • Do make sure you look both ways before you cross over to the field upon arrival or departure. Listen carefully. If someone yells “Track!” it means a fast runner is approaching in Lane 1 or 2 and someone is blocking it.
  • Do respect others’ paces. When we have large groups, such as during our marathon training season, the following designations exist:
    • Lanes 1-3 are reserved for the fastest runners. Never stand in these lanes.
    • Lanes 4-6 are for intermediate, or midpack, runners.
    • Lanes 7-9 are for beginner or back-of-the-pack runners.
  • Do warmups running clockwise; the workouts running counter clockwise.