North County Tuesday Night Workouts:
See the Facebook page at – SDTC North County
Visitors – You are welcome to participate in our club track workouts.

North County members meet at Torrey Pines High School with workouts starting at 6:00 p.m. for track workouts in collaboration with Rehab United. Please introduce yourself to the coach when you come.

San Diego residents who participate regularly are encouraged to join the San Diego Track Club for continued access to coaching and the facilities. Full membership is only $50.00 and provides race discounts and much more!

Track Etiquette

Some general rules for you to remember:

  • Do warmups running clockwise; the workouts running counter clockwise.
  • Do leave your music and earphones at home.
  • Do pay attention to runners around you when you are starting and stopping.
  • DO NOT spit on the track or field. Please be respectful of others using the facilities.
  • Do make sure you look both ways before you cross over to the field upon arrival or departure. Listen carefully. If someone yells “Track!” it means a fast runner is approaching in Lane 1 or 2 and someone is blocking it.