Boston Marathon 2018 – SDTC Runners

Boston Marathon 2018 – SDTC Runners

Race Day: Monday, April 16th, 2018

Marathon Monday is almost upon us!

On Tuesday, we did a send off at the SDTC workout for our runners heading to Boston. Our Boston Marathon Training Program held their annual pre-race pasta dinner to commemorate the end of their training season.

SDTC athletes have been training for months for this day and we wish them the best for their Boston journey!

A Note From Coach Hutch

Boston Marathon Training Program Coach

On Saturday, over fifty of our Boston Marathon runners concluded their first tapering week with a twelve mile “depletion” run from Movin’ Shoes in Pacific Beach. After twenty two weeks of training with some runners compiling 85 miles a week, most are primed and ready for a serious effort in Boston as long as the weather permits.

For some it’s a return trip looking for redemption while others are looking forward to learning the marathoning lessons that the Boston course always seems to provide. Whether it’s the cheering crowds along the entire course, the history of the race or the venue, it’s always a challenge to focus on the primary goal that’s been in every runner’s mind for the last five months. So let’s send them off this week with a collective cheer and all our best wishes. GO BOSTON!

SDTC Runner Bib Numbers

Name Number
Aarons, Gregory 22268
Amano, Kosuke 180
Bade, David 5897
Barana, Victoria 8835
Bayer, Andrea 12088
Biess, Frank 9808
Bushore, Rick 24467
Cohenour, Sally 18054
Darrow, Diana 19609
Diaz, Edgar 3608
Earle, Meriah 4834
Fleischman, Ellen 21815
Flynn, Stefanie 9040
Frommer, Marc 21203
Graff, Megan 16153
Graff, Megan 16153
Gulley, Cynthia 16567
Harper, Eric 4296
Herrin, Annie 22701
Humphreys, Jamie 15053
Jek, Piotr 9716
Kim, Sharon 21480
Kujawa, Gregory 11498
Kupfer, Sara 19846
Labonte, Jacqueline 11302
Langer, Courtney 16964
Langford, Jaden 5565
Lewis, Becky 19621
lowe, amy 9501
Manfreda, Ann Marie 18106
McMahon, Nicola 24495
Miller, Valerie 9507
Moore, Catherine 23261
Moreland, Chris 3273
Morrell, James 24258
Nodelman, Vladislav 11640
O’Dowd, Megan 18988
Oliver, Kyra 20188
Ostoich, Christopher 4580
Papaconstantinou, Panos 18590
Phung, Cuong 12566
Powell, Kelly 18276
Raines, Glen 10211
Ross, Anne 18221
Samarin, Alex 659
Sanchez, Leslie-Jean 16674
Schoeller, Erica 6832
Scott, Steve 18043
Sunahara, Roger 7005
Szklany, Kelly 18650
Truesdale, Aaron 1934
Valles, Kevin 19955
Vasel, Melissa 18655
Vengler, Daniel 4666
Wong, Walter 10540
Zapata, David 4927

If we missed anyone, please email us and we will update our list!